Property Networking - 15th October

clairetaylor | 11th Oct 2019

Just our Property Networking Group on the 15th October 2019 where we will be joined by Sandy Bains who will be talking about “Breakthroughs to Achieve Your Property Goals”

This will be an interactive talk and workshop to get you really started in setting your specific goals, plan your immediate actions, consider your accountability partner and breakthrough any barriers and limiting beliefs that are hindering you from achieving your property goals. 

Sandeep Bains is a Breakthrough Coach and Motivational Speaker, helping people bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. In her talk, she will help you become clear on your goals and discover what could be holding you back. She uses powerful tools and techniques to enable people to break-through any obstacles and beliefs that stand between them and their dream.

Sandy is also a very successful property deal sourcer and HMO owner, who started with no property experience and was able to create a passive property income in a short space of time.

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